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Personnel Policy and Procedures Development

Your employees are your most valuable asset. In today's job market, employees have options. They can and do go elsewhere when they are dissatisfied with working conditions. Unclear personnel policies and inconsistent actions on employee matters are irritants that can cause employees to be dissatisfied and can result in employment law violations.

Effective personnel policies and procedures:

.Communicate your expectations and the rights and responsibilities of
your employees
.Provide guidance for managers and supervisors
.Help assure fair and consistent treatment of employees
.Describe how you will comply with employment laws that apply to your
.Provide a way to communicate changes to your personnel practices
and changes in law that apply to your organization
.Should be easy to change and update. Conditions change and personnel
policies and handbooks must be current to be effective.

We evaluate and update personnel policies and procedures or develop new policies and procedures for you.

Our policy and procedures handbooks are:

Easy to use
.Easy to understand
.Easy to update and change
.Tailored to your needs and preferences

We also provide personnel policy and procedures maintenance services which include:

Updating and changing your policies and handbooks to stay current
with changes in your practices and changes in the law
.Working with you to coordinate and document changes
.Serving as a resource on employment questions
.Providing assistance on employment related claims

Our services can be provided on-site, by telephone, fax or email. We provide no obligation proposals for any of our services you wish to consider.

All of our proposals include:

Policy and procedures handbook
.Your handbook on a computer disk for use in making copies or making
your own changes and updates
.One year of free maintenance services

Contact us for more information, references, samples of our work or a
no obligation proposal.

Other Human Resource and Personnel Management Services

Job Analysis

Analyze jobs to identify basic responsibilities and principle activities

Job Descriptions

.Review and update existing job descriptions
.Develop new job descriptions
.Develop structures and formats for job descriptions

Classification and Pay Plans

.Evaluate and update existing classification and pay plans
.Develop new classification and pay plans
.Review relationships and progression between jobs in terms of skill
requirements, responsibilities and pay

Performance Appraisal Systems

.Evaluate existing performance appraisal systems
.Develop and help implement employee appraisal systems
.Establish key performance areas and methods for monitoring
.Develop performance standards which provide consistent evaluation
of employee performance and help identify training needs

Personnel Audits

.Evaluate personnel management area including policy, procedure, hiring and promotion practices