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.Supervisory effectiveness is critical for all organizations. This program emphasizes and gives practical exercises in needed supervisory skills and in how these skills are developed and used. The supervisor's role in getting the work done right, helping to control costs and accomplishing the goals of the organization are stressed. Fundamentals of Supervision covers what a supervisor is expected to do and provides the skills necessary to do the job.

.People are thrust into the role of supervisor as a reward for good performance. Usually these people are very good at the work they do. That is why they are selected in the first place. All too often, new supervisors are somewhat in the dark about what is expected of them as a supervisor. The skills and background needed for effective supervision are left to chance. Their bosses know what they expect. However, it takes time to organize and do the training. Fundamentals of Supervision is designed to fill that gap.

.We emphasize the supervisor’s role in:

.Getting work done through other people

.Developing people to do the work with minimum supervision

.Involving people in decisions that affect them

.Developing and empowering people to act on their own

.We encourage participation throughout the seminar. Practical group activities provide the opportunity to see how the concepts work. Open discussion provides people attending the seminar the opportunity to focus on their areas of special interest.

.Fundamentals of Supervision is a two-part program. Each part of the program is one day in length. The seminar will benefit both experienced and new supervisors and team leaders.

.Fundamentals of Supervision is available in - house in its standard format. In addition, clients can select topics from both sessions or develop additional topics unique to the interests of their organization. Group activities which are part of the seminar can be tailored to fit the client’s situation. Call 1-800-242-2277 for more information.


Motivation on the Job

.What motivates people
.The supervisor's role in motivating people

Getting the work done with minimum supervision

.Difference between managing and supervising
.Making sure work gets done with a minimum of supervision
.Amount of time you can afford for supervision

Communications in Supervision

.The communications environment
.Developing duty statements
.Planning and evaluating your communications
.Feedback and follow-up


.Why delegate
.How to delegate effectively

Performance Appraisal

.Setting goals and standards
.Evaluating performance on goals


Supervisor/Employee Relationships

.Making the change from employee to supervisor
.The supervisor as a leader - Setting the pace on the job
.Motivating people to accept change

Supervisor Responsibilities

.Maintaining production and quality
.Controlling costs
.Training employees

Developing and Training Employees

.Orientation and training for new employees
.On-going training
.Training plans
.Organizing training
.Helping employees set personal goals


.Establishing the mission
.Determining goals
.Setting objectives
.Strategic planning overview
.Scheduling planned activities