Tue, May 24



How to Motivate and Influence People


Time & Location

May 24, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM CDT


About The Workshop

Motivational concepts can work in any situation where someone needs to influence the motivation and commitment of people they are responsible for leading:  as a supervisor or a team leader, for people in helping occupations who motivate their clients and for motivating ourselves.​​  In this workshop we cover motivational concepts ranging from Machiavelli - Personal and Position Power, Maslow - Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg-Maintenance and Motivational Factors, Theory X and Theory Y Beliefs about People, BF Skinner - Basic​​ Motivational concepts and Situational Leadership. We  also  address workplace issues that influence the ability to motivate others- such as the Change model - how change is handled, and the effects of Top Down Decision making versus employee involvement. We start the workshop by asking participants to identify one motivational issue that is a challenge for them. We conclude by working on those challenges in groups, applying some of the concepts covered earlier in the workshop.​​